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The White House by JaQuavis Coleman

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on September 19, 2014 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)



The White House is based on true events, reimagining the dark chronicles of a notorious drug kingpin's death, and the unfortunate events that followed.


The young heroine Draya lives paycheck to paycheck, laboring as a maid in a luxurious white house. One day, in the course of performing her duties, she is presented with an irresistible opportunity for a quick--and risky--payday. What unfolds in the white house changes the course of her life. Kidnapping, murder, and mayhem lead her--and the reader--through a harrowing and twisting plot to an explosive ending that no one sees coming. Look through the eyes of this young woman and glimpse how a life can forever be altered due to an unfortunate series of events--all touched off in a legendary white house.


Infamous Books, curated by Albert "Prodigy" Johnson of the legendary hip-hop group Mobb Deep, is a revolutionary partnership that pairs the Infamous Records brand with Brooklyn-based independent publisher Akashic Books. Infamous Books' mission is to connect readers worldwide to crime fiction and street lit authors both familiar and new.

WRP Review

Reviewed by TC

4 Star Read.....Hmmm!!!!!!

This Book kept me on my feet the whole time. Karma really came to show it's face in this one. What would've happened if her brother didn't take the tape out the car? Hmm

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Miss Sadie's Song By Ingrid Brown

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on September 7, 2014 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Miss Sadie's Song is now available on Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback.

Link to paperback and kindle: www.amazon.com/dp/1499042930


Sadie Wise is a high-spirited teenage with an eye for older men; when she sees the handsome, newly discharged soldier, the young girl immediately decides he will be her husband. Joe Goodman is intrigued with the beautiful vivacious redheaded woman-child but is well aware, due to their age difference, any involvement with her could be disastrous. Nevertheless, the two find themselves together and at sixteen years old, Sadie becomes Mrs. Joseph Goodman Jr. For many years the couple thrives, prospers and loves each other until a totally unexpected occurrence threatens to rock their seemingly unbreakable bond.

Coming September 2014

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on August 11, 2014 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Coming September 2014

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on August 11, 2014 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Get This Cash and Capri 5 Star Banger Series Today..........

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on August 5, 2014 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Get This Cash and Capri 5 Star Banger Series Today..........


Amazon http://tinyurl.com/odomvu2

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****What you know about that soldier they call Kiam? Check Him Out***


At age twenty-six the trail of blood he had left behind was long and thick. And honestly it was only going to get thicker. As he turned to check to see if he had everything, one of his boys entered his cell appearing to be all about business.

"Ay, Kiam, one of your homeboys just came on the compound. Some cat who calls himself Supreme. He says he's from the eastside of Cleveland . Isn't that your hood?" asked Philly Cat, a straight up G from South Philadelphia who was serving thirty years behind a snitch nigga's testimony. Philly Cat was one of the dudes responsible for checking new arrivals' credentials when they first came on compound to make sure that they were solid. The rule stood firm, snitches weren't allowed to live amongst real niggas at Lewisburg.

“Yeah, that's my hood,” Kiam attested. “But the name Supreme don't ring no bells. Did you check out his papers?” “Nah, he says he sent them home.” Philly stood, rubbing his hands together.“Well, you know the rules, if the homie can't prove who he is, he has to get off the compound. It don't matter where he's from. He's not my muthafuckin’ homie.”

Kiam wasn't claiming nobody that couldn't prove their officialness. He stood contemplating for a minute then rendered his verdict. “Take me to that nigga.” Philly Cat led Kiam outside on the yard where other solid men were questioning Supreme. Kiam walked up and studied the newcomer. He didn't recognize the nigga's face so he kept quiet and listened to his responses. It was obvious that if Supreme wasn't from that city once dubbed The Mistake by the Lake, he had at least lived there for a while. He knew the names of all the shot-callers, and he knew all the hoods. He claimed to have once had the notorious Garden Valley projects on Kinsman Avenue on smash before they were torn down and rebuilt, but something didn't seem right about ol' boy. "Fam, what's your government? ” Kiam cut in. “Michael Gresham,” Supreme replied, mean-mugging, with his thick arms folded across his chest. Kiam ignored the weak intimidation tactic. Instead he entertained him with a small chuckle which was Kiam’s signature stamp of death. Instantly Supreme knew he had stepped through the gates of hell and Kiam appeared to be the devil himself. Supreme was a big muthafucka, but size doesn't determine a man's gangsta. His biggest mistake was he hadn't looked Kiam in the eye. That in itself hinted at a flaw in his get-down. Boss niggas could match a man's gaze with one better.

“Homie, I'm gonna make a few calls and check out your street cred. If you're not who you claim to be, you better check off compound now,” he warned Supreme. Kiam didn’t stay a second past his words; he turned his back on Supreme and walked away. That nigga frontin’. I can see fear in his eyes. If it turns out he's a rat, hiding under a different name, I'm gonna send him up out of here in a body bag. It didn't matter that his release date was upon him, his gangsta was never on hold. Kiam used his celly Pop's contraband cell phone to reach out to the streets. It only took a few calls to find out that Michael Gresham was indeed a thorough dude. But the nigga that also called himself Supreme was not that Michael Gresham.

By evening Kiam had learned that the Michael Gresham that had Kinsman on smash got thirty-five years and was at ADX Florence, the super max federal prison in Colorado. The description nor the reputation fitted this clown down here. What the fuck is this nigga hiding? wondered Kiam. The question rang strong in his mind, but he damn sure didn’t have time to figure it out. Kiam hated fake niggas with a passion. He believed that they all should be killed. Weak, fake niggas had cost a lot of good men their lives, taking the stand and selling their souls. In that moment the decision was made. Supreme's fate was death. In fact, Kiam felt that he deserved the most gruesome death just for calling himself some real shit like Supreme when he was not anything close to it.

Lady Swagger-The Beginning by TKO

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on July 7, 2014 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Nikki should have known that In a club full of women, anything is bound to pop off. So when she and her best friend Jazz, decides to spend Nikki's 30th birthday at Lady Swagger- A known lesbian hotspot, she catches her girlfriend Dream, dead in the act of cheating. Bent on revenge, Nikki waits for the perfect opportunity to confront Dream, but little does she know, Dream's bite is much more lethal than her bark. A parking lot brawl triggers a chain of events and someone ends up with a body on their hand.

WRP Review

Reviewed by TC

5 Star Read.....

The story line was awesome I felt like I could visualize the characters and was there experience all the ups and downs with them.  I was mad, I was just getting into the book and it ended!I I am currently reading part 2

Link: http://amzn.com/B00FE7IVZU

Bottom Bitch by Racquel Williams

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on June 24, 2014 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Sierra Rogers experiences a tumultuous life growing up in one of Richmond’s most treacherous housing projects. Blessed with a body to die for and the gift for gab, it doesn’t take long for her to snatch up one of the area’s hottest drug lords; Alijah Jackson. Soon she secures a place in his life as his “Bottom Bitch”. She realizes that fairy tales are a mere myth when she comes face to face with Shayna Jackson, the other woman in her man’s life.

Shayna is intelligent, sexy and wicked which is total opposite from the persona that she gives off to everyone around her. Her good girl persona goes down the drain the moment she comes face to face with her husband’s mistress. Shayna discovers a mound of secrets and vows to let both her husband and his mistress suffer a fate reserved only for those that betray. As Alijah attempts to maintain both a wife and mistress he’s also dealing with making more money than he will ever be able to spend.

While Shayna, Sierra and Alijah go to combat with each other Alijah discovers that young goons are trying to kill him and the feds trying to lock him up for life. He must now figure a way to stay alive and free. With no one to turn to, nowhere to hide, Alijah must rely on his gut instinct of survival and his knowledge of the game while still trying to maintain love in his life. The question is, from whom-- His wife or his bottom bitch?

Travel a journey filled with lust, greed and larceny as a triangle of sins goes haywire with no one to blame but each other.

WRP Review

Reviewed by MJ

5 Star Read.....The Bomb!!!!!!

5 stars with no questions asked. The book started out on point and ended on point. I love the way Sierra played her role with Alijah. She should have been his wife instead if that money hungry bitch Shayna. Even though Aliyah played many roles with his women he wasn't doing nothing most men don't do.. Shayna was shady to play Alijah the way she did.. I'm happy Sierra was thoughtful and had a heart to be his bottom bitch she gained Alijah heart by being real with him. I didn't like the fact she started sleep with her fried Mo... But at least she knew what it was nothing. This book was a real banger. The storyline was well written and I loved the characters except for Neisha crack head ass, Markus shady ass and Shaynta heartless ass . It breaks my heart how the story ended.

 Amazon Link: 


The Empress:Queenpin of Miami by Nika Michelle

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on June 24, 2014 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)



Empress inherits the family drug empire after the brutal murders of her father and brother. In a male dominated game she is forced to play hard.

WRP Review

Reviewed By MJ

5 Stars.......

I can't wait to read part 2....... Empress was a certified money maker to be a female. The characters Rah, Taye, Pablo, Stacey went well with her storyline. I would recommend this book however I was a little disappointed in the way she treated Saadiq but was happy she finally admitted the truth. Pablo was crazy for stealing and I must say Stacey was a bonafide dumb hoe. Yvonne should have accepted the fact and moved on. I'm glad Saadiq kept it 100 in this book. The storyline was well thought out.

Amazon Links

Kindle: http://amzn.com/B00G9IYA5I


Barnes and Noble Links

Paperback: http://tinyurl.com/pqpjdzk

Side Nigga by Shmel Carter and Quisha Denae

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on June 24, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Side nigga is the story of what happens when you decide to step out on love. What makes someone walk away from the comfort of what they know? Is it ever worth it to have one on the side? Do side pieces ever know how to play their positions? What happens when a side piece wants to become number one?

Find out all of these answers and more as we take a trip through the world of 'Side Nigga'.

WRP Review

Book Reviewed By MJ:

I give this book 4 stars Each character had they own personality. Two out of the three sisters had it bad with they side nigga... Both should have followed the first mind and quit before they men found out what they were doing... Dank and Jason were both gentleman they women the benefit of the doubt.. They too should have followed they first mind. Lana had the ideal man that I would love to have and I'm sure I am not the only one thinking that!!!! Dana should have appreciated Jason for going above and beyond to care for his family.. The bitter ass side niggas should have played they role. Side niggas always catching feelings stay in your lane.... I'm sure in part 2 both men will end up with they loves at least I hope... The author could have gave a little more or Dank and Lana before she ended the story

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Tainted By Nene Capri

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on May 22, 2014 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)


Love, fear and closely guarded secrets rule the hearts of four friends. When circumstances and unexpected events unfold the hidden truths, will the love dispel the fear? Or will the secrets breed a hatred that ultimately crushes and destroys every bond they have built between them?

 Take a walk through the dark pages of “Tainted” and find out why loyalty is everything and betrayal carries the penalty of death.

WRP Review

5 Start Read.....Nene Capri Did That!!!!!!


I Loved It Loved It Loved it... Nene Capri pen game never ceases to amaze me, her books are like riding on I75 no matter where you get off there will always be some drama, good sex, and a boss involved..

Review: Tainted is one of those Books that had me on the edge of my seat with my stomach in knots unable to focus on anything else....And She added an extra treat in there for us which left my mouth wide open..I totally recommend this book, these new characters mannnnnnnn, where do she come up with these folks.. I recommend this is to everyone, this is once of my top 10 reads in 2014

Amazon Link: http/amzn.com/B00I8NZPBA

Nook Link: http/tinyurl.com/k52g2a5


Silence Of The Nine By T Styles

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on May 22, 2014 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)


Evil breeds evil.

 After Kerrick Khumalo s wife is murdered in their home, he migrates from Africa to America for better opportunities. But his thick accent and dark skin makes him unaccepted.


Unable to find legal employment, he discovers that the drug trade can be a lucrative business for the man who is willing to do anything, including kill. Self-possessed he quickly rises to the top and becomes the most fearful man in Baltimore. Desiring it all, he marries a woman who gives him many children and now he has a clan of his own.


In the country illegally, he changes his last name to Prophet and adopts rigid beliefs and customs. Soon he develops a seething hate toward Americans and believes his bloodline should remain pure. So he encourages his children to breed amongst themselves.


Year after year he controls his family with an iron fist and they all fear him. That is until Nine is born. Forced to live secluded in the Prophet mansion, her future appears doomed. Besides, her mother s mental condition makes her a bad parent and her father is too concerned with his wife. Amazingly she finds strength and love from an unlikely source, the family s drunken maid.


After awhile she proves to be far more intelligent than Kerrick s other offspring and this makes her both seductive and dangerous.


Silence Of The Nine is Flowers In The Attic meets The Coldest Winter Ever.

 Prepare yourself for a dark ride.

WRP Review

5 Star Read......Don't Let The Cover Run You Away....A Must Read!!!!!!!


Author T Styles has such an EPIC pen..

Review: When I first got this book I didn't know if I want to read it because of the cover, I seemed like it would be to twisted for me....But I took some advise(Thanks VP) and read it anyway..

I was not disappointed it was like a Twisted, Contemporary, Street Lit, Romance Mash Up....I was like Dammmmmmmnnnnn by the end of the book...The way she put this book together was brilliant, I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end... I recommend this book, it is one of my top 10 best reads in 2014....You will not be disappointed

Amazon Link:  http/amzn.com/B00JCPJ3Z2

Nook Link:  http/tinyurl.com/q3gbdzb

Til My Casket Drops By Author Aaron Bebo

Posted by writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com on May 22, 2014 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)



Marla Eubanks was hell in heels until she found herself pregnant and facing a twenty-year prison sentence at age seventeen. The bitter world she’d come from before her incarceration, left an even more bitter taste in her mouth; leaving Marla to face consequences her soul could not bear. When she gives birth to her son, Naseer Delux’ Eubanks, all of the coldness runs from her veins and into his.


Delux’ grows up at war with his own soul. He strives to right the wrongs done to his mother, while living in the same deadly underworld that sent her to prison. However, the stakes have grown higher over time. His mothers’ enemies, disguised as friends, could be anyone; and his mission to find out who’s who could cost him his life.


Even though Delux’ is cautioned, over and over again, to watch each player in this deadly game, he ignores all warnings in opposition to his need to quench his thirst for revenge. He vows that nothing except the blood from the treacherous and disloyal hearts responsible for his mother’s imprisonment will even the score. The hunt is on; but it won’t be long before one of the ghosts from his mother’s past finds him. Will Delux’ survive, or will the sins of his mother cause his casket to drop?


WRP Review........

4 Star Read......This Book was Enjoyable


Author Aaron Bebo is a talented author that is very detailed and calculated in his writing, he is no slouch with his pen, in his version of Til My Casket Drops.

Review: The book started out well it did seem a little rushed and I found myself getting loss in all the drama and characters toward the end, it was kind of hard to keep up. However all in all this was a pretty good book that he put together, I enjoyed it. I recommend this book.

Amazone Link: http://amzn.com/B00JRID620

Nook Link:  http://tinyurl.com/ln2lwxv