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Til My Casket Drops By Author Aaron Bebo

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Marla Eubanks was hell in heels until she found herself pregnant and facing a twenty-year prison sentence at age seventeen. The bitter world she’d come from before her incarceration, left an even more bitter taste in her mouth; leaving Marla to face consequences her soul could not bear. When she gives birth to her son, Naseer Delux’ Eubanks, all of the coldness runs from her veins and into his.


Delux’ grows up at war with his own soul. He strives to right the wrongs done to his mother, while living in the same deadly underworld that sent her to prison. However, the stakes have grown higher over time. His mothers’ enemies, disguised as friends, could be anyone; and his mission to find out who’s who could cost him his life.


Even though Delux’ is cautioned, over and over again, to watch each player in this deadly game, he ignores all warnings in opposition to his need to quench his thirst for revenge. He vows that nothing except the blood from the treacherous and disloyal hearts responsible for his mother’s imprisonment will even the score. The hunt is on; but it won’t be long before one of the ghosts from his mother’s past finds him. Will Delux’ survive, or will the sins of his mother cause his casket to drop?


WRP Review........

4 Star Read......This Book was Enjoyable


Author Aaron Bebo is a talented author that is very detailed and calculated in his writing, he is no slouch with his pen, in his version of Til My Casket Drops.

Review: The book started out well it did seem a little rushed and I found myself getting loss in all the drama and characters toward the end, it was kind of hard to keep up. However all in all this was a pretty good book that he put together, I enjoyed it. I recommend this book.

Amazone Link: http://amzn.com/B00JRID620

Nook Link:  http://tinyurl.com/ln2lwxv

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