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Juug Men By Rhys Flint


ATL-iens know what it means to hustle hard...The new way to define getting money is Juugin which is what SB, BIG PAT, and TEE do... They are taking the Juug game to a whole new level. After catching a break from a New York hustler, SB goes from being a nickel and dime dope boy to a five star General. Big Pat has always been on the grind, taking situations and making money off of them as well as being in the right place at the right time. From Coke, to weed, to Guns and counterfeit money, it's all good in the hood because Big Pat is the Juug master. Tee started hustling in the womb and never looked back. His game is tight and he’s easy on the eyes which came in handy with the ladies. Come journey with the boys from the" A" as they set a new standard for how to hustle. Watch as author Rhys Flint shows you how to take the Jugg game to the moon and back!

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